Online Video Training

Starting today our online martial art academy training for you and your child is now available. So, whether your a college student away from us at the academy, a traveling salesman, busy mom with kids and want to train with them at home... we got you covered. There are more than 200 videos of mixed martial arts to study.

*Attention students at Raja Academy, see staff for more information to access "class specific" videos. THANK YOU AND ENJOY!

To access and subscribe to Raja's Mixed Martial Arts videos (for Adults, Kids, and/or for the whole Family), CLICK BUTTONS BELOW

MORE TO COME for single classes (ex: Muay Thai, Wing Chun, etc... stay tuned)
I know these are trying times. But remember inevitably, with extreme fire, forges the best swords; and our integrities as business owners, martial artists, and leaders in our communities should not falter but rather strengthen.
With the recent circumstances of all of us being in such crazy times, together, as a worldwide community, I am opening this offer as well to ANYONE interested in our academy, not just to members, but for those that couldnโ€™t join for any other reason. If you have any questions, simply private message me and we will be glad to help.
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