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About us

Read more about our instructors, coaches and staff by scrolling below. We are here because we love to share the arts with others.

POWER & CONFIDENCE : Depending on personal abilities, the time that it takes to become skilled will vary from individual to individual. Consistent training is very important for the student to feel accomplishment and lessen any feelings of frustration. Usually, consistent students feel fairly confident in their skills after approximately six months.

Muay Thai, Wing Chun, JKD, FMA – Derobio Escrima & Kali, Boxing,
Kids Dragon & Tiger Warriors, and Women's Fitness

Sifu/Khun Kru/Guru Harun Raja


Sifu Raja holds a black sash under both Sifu Al Zepeda and Sigong Francis Fong in the art and science of Wing Chun Kung Fu. He is also an associate instructor/Khun Kru under Ajarn Chai and is the South Carolina, Greenville Branch representative for the Thai Boxing Association of USA. In furthering is martial arts studies, in 2016, Mr. Raja became Guru under Dan Inosanto and Dan Medina and integrates this art of weaponry skills into his FMA classes.

Grandmaster Dan Medina

Founder of Majapai and Master of Derobio and Author of “The Secret Art of Derobio Escrima”

Grandmaster Medina has been inducted into the International Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame, Eastern USA International Blackbelt Hall of Fame, Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Honors and World Head of Family Sokeship Council hall of Fame. In 2014, Grandmaster Dan Medina has been nominated as a Legendary Figure in the Martial Arts by W.H.F.S.C as well as a Nomination to the Masters Hall of Fame. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

Sigong/Sifu Al Zepeda

Head Instructor for Advanced Wing Chun Kung Fu at Raja Academy

Sifu Al Zepeda has over 42 years martial arts experience. He began his martial arts training back in 1972, becoming a black belt in Shotokan Karate.In 1983, Al began his training in Wing Chun Kung Fu. He studied with Sifu Bill Wong, a member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. While training with Sifu Wong, Al met Sifu Francis Fong out of Atlanta Georgia. In 1987, after completing studies with Sifu Wong, Al began studies under Sifu Fong and has trained with him since.

In September of 1995, Al received his 1st degree black sash under Sifu Fong. Through Sifu Fong, Al has studied and practiced Wing Chun Kung Fu, Filipino Kali, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and Brazilian JuJitsu. His base art is Wing Chun, which has been very exciting and dynamic training.

Sifu Al Zepeda is a 5th degree Black Sash in Wing Chun under Sifu Francis Fong. He is also a certified full instructor and active member in the Francis Fong Instructor Association. Sifu Al has taught children’s classes, adults, law enforcement officers and military personnel. Believing that you never stop learning, Sifu Al continues his martial arts education with studies and practice at the Francis Fong Academy. With Sifu Al Zepeda’s experience, he is an effective instructor and knowledgeable martial artist.

Sifu Zepeda teaches martial arts in the Greenville / Spartanburg area of South Carolina. To reach Sifu Zepeda for more information on personal Wing Chun training and locations, email him at or call (864) 485 3109.

Khun Kru Sonya Browning

Khun Kru for Muay Thai and Women’s Kickboxing

Through her dedication and drive Kru Sonya has been a substitute Instructor for Ethos Combatives, Universal Tactics Martial Arts, Kickboxing Underground and Self Defense Classes throughout the years.  Kru Sonya teaches Muay Thai for Raja’s Academy of Martial Arts.  She is also an Instructor in Self Defense (seminars are available upon request).  Visit Kru Sonya at Raja Academy on Tuesday nights at 6:45pm or WKB, Tuesdays/Thursdays/Fridays, see schedule for details. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

Janet Pollard

Full Instructor in Muay Thai and Kids’ Coach in Dragon and Tiger Warriors

Mrs. Janet has been with the Academy since ıts openıng ın 2009 and has contributed to it ever since. A teacher by profession with 26 years of experience, she utilizes her great teaching ability and applies them in our kids classes. She has also trained under Ajarn Paul Delfino in the art of Muay Thai along with training in his Universal Tactics class and has obtained level two certification under him. She is an Apprentice Instructor in Muay Thai under the World Thai Boxing Association, holding a black/white prajied (armband).

"I first became interested in Muay Thai when my son started training. I started helping with kids' classes and eventually joined the adults' classes. This is where my love of Muay Thai started.

For the past 14 years, I have trained in the art of Muay Thai. During that time I have also become an instructor to both children and adults."

I have been blessed to have the chance to meet and train under Grandmaster Surachai Sirisute /Ajarn Chai. And, I look forward to continuing my journey and being a lifelong learner."

Coach Vince Seabrook

Owner of Peace Body Movement and is a US Boxing Instructor for All Ages

Personal Trainer in Boxing and Assisting Instructor, Vince embarked on martial arts at the age of 9. Grew up with Family martial art instructors. Immediately started competing in Karate tournaments and competitions. After receiving his black belt, then he understudied various other martial arts. Boxing was Vince’s favorite of them all leading up to becoming a certified USA Boxing coach, and K1 (Kickboxing) coach. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

Coaches, Instructors, Volunteers, and Guests

Thanks to all our volunteer staff members, students and guest.

Morgan Couch

I'm coach Morgan I'm a level 2 instructor in Muay Thai. I've been doing Muay Thai for 7 years now. I help with the Muay Thai classes, the Tigers classes & Kru Sonya's Women's Kickboxing class (WKB). Muay Thai has taught me so many skills in and out of the academy, and I can't wait to share Muay Thai with others!

Brandon Reeves

Brandon started training with Sifu Raja in 2014 and quickly fell in love with Filipino Martial Arts. He is Raja's top ranked student in both Kali and Jeet Kune Do. He has also trained with Grandmaster Dan Medina since 2016 and has achieved the rank 4th level assistant instructor in Derobio Escrima.
With nearly a decade of training experience, Brandon teaches students in our Dragon Warriors kids class and our adults Kali/JKD program. He is also available for private lessons.

Brooke Halsey

Since joining Raja Academy in 2012, Brooke has been dedicated to training in Wing Chun, achieving her black sash in 2021, while simultaneously assisting in day-to-day operations of the Academy to include marketing, web, and collateral materials. She is certified under Sifu Raja and Sigung Al Zepeda thru the FFIA. You may see her occasional dabbling in the other arts, as well, currently ranked as "yellow" prajied level in Muay Thai under Ajarn Raja.

Tariq Ibn Ziad

Once full-time at the Academy and now an occasional guest, Mr. Tariq started his martial arts journey ın 2005 in the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu and is one of Sifu Raja’s close beginning disciples. He remembers training at his house, obtaining private one on one sessions until the Academy opened. Shortly after, he decided to embark on the martial art of Muay Thai and his passion and hunger for martial arts grew. He is great with kids; and has helped out with both kids and adults classes (Muay Thai and Wing Chun) while in Sifu’s absence. Mr. Tariq currently holds a Red Sash under Sifu Raja in the art of Wing Chun and has over 5 years of Muay Thai experience as well.